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Access Control

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American Alarm Systems designs and installs access control systems that provide a safer workplace for management, employees, clients, and visitors. Our skilled access control technicians will secure doors at your business by controlling who is entering and exiting your building. With our web-based systems, managers can access their building at any time using any internet browser. No more software or dedicated computers required!


Employees need to gain access to your business and a card reader is one of the technologies our access control technicians can install at your business.   Choose from swipe readers, fob readers, keypad readers, or dual verification readers to let employees in and keep others out.


Fingerprint readers offer a diverse, high-level way to identify individuals and immediately verify their identity. This innovative solution and can be integrated into any access control solution at an affordable price. With our cloud-based access control panel and fingerprint reader, management can have total control of their facility.


Access control systems require electrified door locks and hardware. Our master locksmiths will determine the best lock solution for each door that you want to control at your business. Interior doors, exterior doors, metal doors, glass doors, and gates are just some of the access points we can secure.


Management can manage their offices and facilities through a simple web-based administration interface. Receive building information via email or to a smartphone, add or delete any card at any time via a browser, restrict employee access, and lock or unlock doors at any time by setting up simple schedules. These are just some of the technically driven access control solutions that we can install at your business.

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American Alarm Systems full-service UL Central Monitoring Station is nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry. We are constantly investing in the latest technology so that our software, hardware, automation, building, and redundant telecommunications infrastructure is always online.