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Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection | American Alarm Systems

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

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House fires can break out more easily than homeowners realize, leaving incalculable damage in their wake. In fact, government data shows that fire results in property damage in excess of $15 billion per year. Fortunately, you can protect your family from this devastation by integrating a fire protection system into your home automation/security system.



American Alarm Systems can integrate fire protection into your panel so that whether you’re inside the house, at work for the day or away on business or vacation, your alarm is being watched over 24/7 by our UL Central Monitoring Station In the event of a triggered fire alarm signal, an agent will respond immediately and dispatch fire to your residence.


We have fire & carbon monoxide solutions that keep everyone safe. Our expert technicians install detectors that provide early warning to loved ones if danger presents itself. If you are away from the house, receive a smartphone notification that a detector had an alarm and feel confident that our U.L. Central Monitoring Station will send the Fire Department within seconds.


American Alarm Systems full-service UL Central Monitoring Station is nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry. We are constantly investing in the latest technology so that our software, hardware, automation, building, and redundant telecommunications infrastructure is always online.