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Security Cameras

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Now more than ever, homeowners are installing cameras to detect criminals. Often, just knowing that cameras are present will discourage potential intruders from attempting to commit a crime. If someone gets brave and comes onto your property, HD camera systems are instrumental in identifying intruders so law enforcement can hold them accountable for their actions.



  • View HD cameras live with an app
  • Stop crimes in progress
  • Have our Central Station monitor video alarms
  • Receive video clips to smartphone
  • Review weeks of recorded video
  • Email video clips
  • Manage cameras and detection zones
  • View cameras over the Internet


Ever wondered what was happening at your house while you are out and about? If you have, we have got the solution for you. Simply grab your smart phone or log into a computer to view live HD quality video. You can even take snap shot of a camera image or view previously recorded video.




Doorbell cameras are the hottest product on the market. Never worry if someone is standing at your front door or if a package is going to be stolen. If the video doorbell detects motion or someone rings the door bell, you will receive a phone call to your smart phone. You can look at the video, or even talk to the person at your front door. If you miss a call, no worries, the video is stored in the cloud for later review.


American Alarm Systems full-service UL Central Monitoring Station is nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry. We are constantly investing in the latest technology so that our software, hardware, automation, building, and redundant telecommunications infrastructure is always online.